Study TÜRKİYE Program ‘14



The Study Türkiye Program is a curriculum development project for university and community college faculty. The program consists of the following:

  • Pre-trip: One Day Workshop in February
  • Application Period: Deadline in April
  • 9-day trip to Turkey in June
  • Post-trip: Participant Presentations in November

The program is designed to assist faculty infuse their curricula and engage students in a better and through understanding of this nation that promises to play and increasingly pivotal role on the world scene. The combination of workshop learning, international travel, and follow-up presentations arms faculty with the tools to develop an engaging curriculum that deals with Turkey-related issues, such as Turkey’s political position in European and global contexts, women’s issues, Islam and religion in Turkey, economic affairs, arts, and architecture.

2014 Workshop Details:

The February workshop is designed to give faculty members the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Turkey in the areas of History, Politics, Religion, and Culture & Society as well as its geopolitical importance in the world today. Additional information about the intercultural trip to Turkey and the application process will be provided at the workshop.

Although faculty are the primary audience for this program, everyone interested in Turkey is invited to attend.


The Niagara Foundation will cover other costs (i.e. food, lodging) during the trip. Travelers are responsible for a $250 participation fee, $80 North Star Niagara Foundation Membership, and airfare.

Speakers and Topics

  • Lecture I – A Brief History of the Ottoman Empire
  • Lecture II – Culture & Society in Turkey
  • Panel I
  • Reflections on Study Türkiye Travel Experience
  • Lecture III – A Century of Turkish Democracy
  • Lecture IV
  • Religions in Turkey and the Gülen Movement
  • Panel II
  • Reflections on Study Türkiye Classroom Experience

Workshop Date:
Friday, February 28th, 2014

8:30 am – 4:30 pm
*Light lunch will be provided

Niagara Foundation Office
205 N Michigan Ave. Suite 4240
Chicago, IL 60601

Workshop Admission:
$40.00 Includes Lunch


For questions please contact: Yasir Bilgin at

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