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As we celebrate Earth Day and raise awareness on various environmental issues, the Niagara Foundation is pleased to host Ramont Bell, Outreach Coordinator Water Preservation at Faith in Place to speak on “Chicago’s Faith in Water” to expand on what faith communities are doing to improve water sanitation.

This forum will feature the following questions:
1) What is the current problem concerning water sanitation?
2) What policy are in place for water sanitation problem and what can people do to help?
3) What are faith communities doing about water sanitation?

This will then be followed by a Q and A session and closed with open dialogue over tea and quick lunch.

Please contact Rana regarding questions about this event.

When: Wednesday, May 3rd
Time: 11:30am-1:00pm
Where:Niagara Foundation- Chicago
205 N Michigan Ave. St:4240
Chicago, IL 60601

Ramont Bell, Faith in Place

Ramont is the Outreach Coordinator for the Water Preservation program at Faith in Place. He is responsible for overseeing and facilitating the improvement of storm water management systems at houses of worship in the Calumet region. The Water Preservation program includes storm water audits, green infrastructure planning, water audits and retrofits, and utilizing Faith in Place’s Interfaith Water Curriculum.

Ramont joined the Faith in Place staff in February 2016. He has a passion for economic/social justice and environmental issues, especially water preservation.

more speakers TBA…

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