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CIG 2014


February 3-6, 2014



What does shaky political stability in the Middle East, protracted violence in parts of Africa, unhealed wounds in Sri Lanka, and gang violence in Chicago all have in common? They all point to a world filled with broken relationships and fragmented communities.

Courageous individuals and institutions in the fields of peacebuilding and reconciliation have risen to compassionately accompany both victims and offenders as they work to rebuild new, resilient, societies of peace.

Unfortunately, religious communities often stand on the frontlines of these conflicts, their traditions exploited, wielded as weapons by those seeking to push their own agenda.

Is there a need for interreligious dialogue in the process of peacebuilding and reconciliation? What responsibility do religious communities have in responding to local, national, or international political violence even when the violence is not motivated by religious difference? What lessons do experiences of interreligious dialogue offer to the project of promoting peace after or during violence?

As the world celebrates U.N. World Interfaith Harmony Week this February, Niagara Foundation will gather some of the country’s top religious thinkers, peacebuilding professionals, and local interfaith leaders to address the strengths and challenges for building interreligious relationships between individuals and religiously pluralistic communities during and after violence.

Each event during CIG will take a unique approach at addressing the multifaceted process of interfaith dialogue. We’ll look at dialogue on the global stage, empower local youth to examine justice issues in their local communities, and celebrate the unique religious diversity of Chicago by exploring the richness within the three”Abrahamic” traditions.

Please gather with us as we uncover the importance of building bridges in our communities, in our hearts, and around the world.

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Feb. 4  |  Niagara Foundation Offices | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

It’s often said that you can’t have peace without justice.  Niagara would like to explore this statement by looking at injustices we experience here in Chicago. One voice often removed from the conversation around justice is that of our youth. Therfore, we’ll be creating a space where high school students from across the city can gather to meet in an interfaith setting, reflect and question troubling social realities, and creatively reflect upon their place/responsibility in society.

This project has three goals. First, to create a space where students from different socioeconomic, cultural, and religious backgrounds can meet, interact, and creatively engage in critical thinking about social realities affecting the larger Chicago community.

Secondly, we will raise the students consciousness to injustices in Chicago by connecting them with local organizations in the city. We’ll introduce them perhaps for the first time, to realities of homelessness, human trafficking, and gang-related violence.

Thirdly, we will walk the students through a guided “circle process” to digest the day’s presentations, to invite deeper reflection on their role/responsibility to the larger community, and to explore if and how one’s faith experience adds any substance to the conversation.  Our goal is to stimulate a creative envisioning of a truly “just” Chicago.

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Feb 6   |  Spertus Institute, 610 S. Michigan Ave  |  6:30PM-9:00PM

The world can’t heal through the actions of individuals. It heals through movements
of cohesive communities. So let’s get together and celebrate the riches of our
religious diversity as one Chicago family.

Niagara Foundation’s annual Abrahamic Traditions Dinners strengthens the bond of friendship and understanding between people of the three “Abrahamic” religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  A diverse collection of religious leaders, government officials, university professors, laity and other members of the general public, gather into a space for an evening of listening, reflection, eating and conversation.

This year, a panel of influential religious voices will provide commentary on models for healing embedded in their respective traditions.  Please join us as we learn

– This is a public event –



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